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Supplier Performance Guidelines

Maverick Mexico (Bronco Electronics) Supplier Performance Guidelines

  1. Mantain a 100% on time delivery on all shipments
  2. Notify Maverick Purchasing department when delivery dates are not going to be accomplished.
  3. Failure to achieve any of the above may result in one of the following activities:
    1. Notification to the commodity buyer and operations team that the supplier performance is below our required standars and to take the appropriate actions related to the business.The supplier will also be notified and is encouraged to schedule a review meeting with the buyer and appropriatted personel.
    2. The supplier will be required to present a Corrective Action plan to Maverick Mexico (Bronco Electronics) Operations team that should include a Corrective Action plan along with a timeline that should be appropriately documented in the Maverick Mexico (Bronco Electronics) Corrective Action form BE-172

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